Produce Boxes

Do you want variety, versatility and value from your weekly shop?  Give our Seasonal produce box subscriptions a go!! 

Available in Small, medium & large 


* Seasonal variations may apply , guide contents only.

Regular Box

In addition to seasonal items this box contains potatoes, carrots, parsnips* Mushrooms* Onions & apples 

Green Box

In addition to seasonal items this box contains lettuce, carrots, tomatoes* cucumber* Onions & apples 
Small £28 
Just £7 a box
1-2 persons
Medium £52
Just £13 a box
3-4 persons 
Large £92
Just £23 a box
5-6 persons 

We grow lots right here on the farm

How does it work? 

Our boxes are for a period of 4 weeks , select a type and size box you require. 

Can I try it first? 

Yes just let us know and we will set up a trial box for you before you commit to a subscription. 

Do you offer delivery? 

Currently it is collection as it allows us to pass the savings back to you, we have done price comparisons and we are over £5 cheaper than other similar boxes