All our livestock is reared out in the fields here in East Devon by us, at Knights Farm, near Ottery St Mary.

Set in the beautiful East Devon countryside, it is quite idyllic. It's such a wonderful sight to see our livestock run freely over 200+ acres of pasture. All our lambs and cattle are naturally reared on grass, no concentrates. Therefore our supply of lamb continues throughout most the year with lambs all growing at different rates. Our pigs are all free range and outdoor reared too.


Visit the Shop or order online and we will do our best to offer you a bespoke personal service. In purchasing a meat box from us here at Knights Farm Shop, you can have the comfort in knowing all our livestock are well cared for and have a great quality of life, and enjoy a bulk order at a great price. We also produce Mutton & Poultry* which are available for pre order. 

*Otter Valley poultry are our main supplier of poultry currently.

Did you know you can SAVE UP TO 40% if you buy big?!

Our popular Meat Boxes are now available.

Offering a selection of Knights Farm grass fed meats, there’s a variety of options to choose from, including:

> 1/2 Lamb Box £65

(Variety of cuts)

> Large Beef Selection Box £250

(Excludes fillet)

> Meat Trio Selection Box £150

(Includes Beef, Lamb & Pork)

For info and to place your order, pop in to see us, call us on 07736 938 996

or Email info@knightsfarmshop.co.uk or drop us a message via Facebook/Instagram